General Giving

General donations go to the daily life-saving efforts of GIHS and further our mission of protecting and caring for homeless animals. Your generosity allows us to continue our life saving work and support community programs needed for the health of the animals of Galveston Island. You are also able to make memorial, honorarium, or designated donations here.


Your membership and support genuinely mean a lot to us and give us a real boost for the important work we do on behalf of the animals on Galveston Island. Our annual membership campaign runs from May 1st through April 30th. Funds that we raise through our membership campaign assist with achieving our goals along with providing the daily care needed for the 2,700+ pets who arrive at the shelter annually.

Your membership will add you to our contact list so you will know what is happening at the shelter or around town as we reach out to find homes for our furry friends.

Tree of Life

Love truly does grow on trees when you participate in our tree project to support our mission. Honor family, friends, or pets by purchasing a leaf on the palm tree or a stone at the base.

Click here to place an order for an engraved leaf or stone

Planned Giving

Creative gift planning can be one of life’s most satisfying and rewarding experiences. As we face the challenges of the future, we know that the generosity of those who support us at the Galveston Animal and Adoption Center makes everything possible. If you wish to give a gift that can continue to benefit the shelter for many years, consider some of the planned giving opportunities available to you. Endowment funds and memorial funds are the cornerstones of nonprofit charities financial security. The gift you give today can give on for many, many years. To discuss planned giving, please contact Caroline Dorsett Pate at

Establishing a will

Did you know that over half of all Americans will die without making a will? Those who die without a will leave all decisions about their estate to the state. Without a will the state will have the right to say how your assets are treated and how they are dispersed. Many people put off making a will thinking that it’s something they will do “next year”, even though “next year” never seems to arrive. Although it may be difficult to take the steps to create a valid will, having one will make a huge difference to your family, friends and the GIHS. By including the GIHS in your will, you can ensure the future welfare of the animals and help to sustain the work of the shelter into the future. Please consider including the Galveston Island Humane Society in your will with either a designated gift or an non-designated gift. You can bequest cash, securities, personal property, real estate and other assets to the GIHS in your will. Your gift can ensure the long term financial health of the GIHS.

Non designated Gifts are those gifts given to the general fund of the GIHS. The Board of Directors determines the best use of your gift.

Designated Gifts are those given for a specific purpose such as animal adoption fees, spay and neuter fees, building improvements, education just to name a few.

Insurance Policies are a vehicle in which you can name the GIHS as either a primary or secondary beneficiary. You can also designate a percentage of your insurance proceeds to the GIHS.

Charitable Trusts places cash or appreciated assets (such as stock, real estate and jewelry) in a charitable trust which pays you an income for you and your spouse’s lifetime. When that time concludes, the assets are given to the GIHS.

Support Homeless and Unwanted Animals