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It is a perfect match.

Our puppy is getting huge!  At 5 months, Willa Belle was 40+lbs!  The online charts say she’ll be between 80-90 lbs at adulthood.  We love that.  It makes for a perfect playmate for Woodrow.  And boy do they play.  It takes a LOT of monitoring to make sure they don’t get out of hand, but they are learning from each other and us when to dial it back.  Woodrow let’s her know when she is pestering him and we let him be the boss .  We’re not sure that is going to last for much longer.  She is one determined puppy.  One of their favorite games is getting each other’s collars and pulling (or trying to pull) each other around like dead prey.  We don’t think that’s cool, so now they are collarless inside the house.

Willa Belle loves being in the yard with Bruce when he’s in his workshop.  One of her favorite games is rocket dog, running as fast as she can around the years, then she has created her own little obstacle course by leaping over the braces fo the boat trailer like a track star running hurdles.  It’s very cute.  We don’t let Woodrow and Willa Belle spend a lot of time outside together.  Things ramp up pretty fast out there and she is still small enough he could hurt her.

Bruce built a temporary fence across the back yard to keep her from falling into the canal.  When the water warms up, we’ll teach her to swim and take it down.

She has recovered beautifully from her spay surgery, has had all her shots and now has all her big girl teeth.   She knows sit, down, stay and comes MOST of the time.  She LOVES her food.  We have transitioned from 3 to 2 meals a day and she has learned to wait until Woodrow finishes his bowl to “clean up.”

We’ve started walking them together and she does really well with her halter.  She LOVES her walks.  We’re keeping it at 25 minutes or so for now.

We’ve transitioned her out of the crate for overnight, she’s sleeping on her own bed in our room next to Woodrow.  Bruce gets up early, but she often stays there with me until I get up a few hours early.  She sits up with me at night as well.   We have two old throws that we place on their doggie beds at night and she has this cute routine where she brings both of them out of the bedroom into the living room each morning.  She hasn’t figured out what her back legs are doing all the time, so sometimes she is standing on the blanket while she’s pulling it.  She gets super frustrated. 

We still use the crate if we are both leaving the house.  They aren’t quite equal enough yet to leave them free while we’re gone.  Although, once when we came home, she had gotten out of her crate somehow.  Woodrow never liked a crate and could destroy or open any we had.  We think he might have opened it for her like, “Wait til them leave, I’ve got this.”  We cover the door with a quilt now and that worked.

Woodrow loves having a more than willing playmate.  She emulates him now.  And he is always right there if she seems distressed.  It is a perfect match.

Tess Traylor and Bruce Bradford


I emailed you before adopting a cat after our adoption of Mr Sunshine didn’t work out. You asked me to send pics, because you are happy to hear about happy endings.

His name was Mittens and we adopted him at Petsmart and named him Boots.

He is very handsome and just love him so much! He is very needy, very spoiled with too many toys. He has his own room we tuck him in at night 9:00 pm. Is up and ready 6 a.m. every morning.

I know how hard you guys try to find good homes and wanted you to know you placed him very well. (too we’ll!).
I sincerely respect your Company and will continue supporting it and will adopt more once we thin out being we have two chihuahuas. Boots and them get along great too.

Thank you for all your understanding and reaching out when the first adoption didn’t work out

Sincerely Kelly Hollier-Prewitt

For those of you who remember JUPITER…

I adopted from you a little over a year ago… He was my HERO a week ago Monday!

I was gone in the evening but I came home to find glass all over the place outside my back door and Jupiter bleeding (not too badly). Then I opened up my neighborhood notification app (NextDoor) and saw that there had been a burglar in the neighbor-hood including right behind my house. Apparently Jupiter burst through the bottom glass pane in my door and sent the burglar on his way. Nothing taken. Jupi got checked out at the vet and is on antibiotics till his shoulder wound heals. I guess I have not only one of the sweetest dogs in the world, but an EXTREMELY good watch dog (though I’ve never seen him show any other kind of aggression).

Hurray Jupite!!! See picture attached of his receiving well-deserved praise.

Cheryl S. Watson

This is Weston (formerly Amigo)
who we adopted in November of 2013.

He has added so much joy to our family and he has so much love to give..

Our little ones love him, and as you can see from the photo, he is now our “doggy in the window!”

When you look into his eyes you know he is listening and just wants nothing more than to give you unconditional love and loyalty. He loves going to the dog park, visiting Petsmart, swimming in any body of water around, and chasing birds. He also love playing and cuddling with his fur sisters Harper and Harley. Adopting Weston was one of the best decisions of our life and we truly believe he was put on this Earth to be our fur baby. We thank you, GIHS, so much for providing us the opportunity to be united with Weston because he has surely brightened up our lives and I know we have done the same for him.

Kyle & Jordan
Weston, Harper, and Harley

Walter is doing wonderfully at his new home.

Our little ones love him, and as you can see from the photo, he is now our “doggy in the window!”

Walter was so awful when he was in a cage, but away from the cage he was a love and one of Deb’s (staff) favorites.

He scored obviously and will now travel in the motor home with the family.



We just wanted to follow up with how things have been since we adopted Wanda, who we have re-named Bailey, back in April. She has brought us so much joy and we are so blessed to not only have had the opportunity to have given her a loving home, but to have such a great dog who we have grown to love in such a short time. We have two daughters ages 6 & 7, and are so happy that she absolutely loves children and is so great with them. She loves people in general and when we go somewhere to sit outside, she loves to go with us and just has to say hi to everyone that passes her by. It just took 2 weeks to house train her and she learned how to use the doggy door almost immediately. She loves play time and socializing all the time, and has already learned so many commands. We just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how grateful we are to you all for the hard work you do for our community and for our four legged friends, and to let you know that Bailey is in good hands and in a loving home and we are very happy with her! Thanks so much!


Veronica, Kody, Kadence, Rebecca & Bailey

Dear Former Pet Caregiver Family at Galveston Island Humane Society,

It’s been a year since I’ve been adopted into my forever home at the Dolezal household, so I thought I would let you know how things are going.

It took me a while, but I think I finally got my new family whipped into shape. It took no time for me to adjust, especially since one of my two sibling dogs was also adopted from Galveston Island Humane Society (and she helped show me the ropes). I may be the smallest and newest addition of my siblings, but I’ve definitely carved out my place … my female person calls me “17 pounds of boss” I’ve included a pic of my entourage.

After my adoption they first they put me into a training program. I learned the basics … things like sit, stay, closer, leave it, and some other commands. I also learned that I’m not allowed to go through doors first or to pass my humans on stairs. I’m pretty smart so that was really easy. I also had to learn the new routines; things like when to go out and when to eat. My humans also have personalities I had to learn. For example, it’s best if I wake up the male one if I need to go out at 4:30am. He’s also the softee … if I come in early from going to the bathroom I can sometimes get an extra treat (something my siblings never figured out). I get dragged to the dog groomer on a routine basis too … not my favorite activity but I’ll tolerate it for now.

I also have jobs around the house so I can pull all 17 pounds of my weight. One of my main tasks is to make sure that ducks stay out of the yard. I’m really good at that one. I also make sure that my humans know when it’s time for bed–after all, they need their rest so they can play with me in the morning. My male human travels a lot, so it’s really important that I pose and look cute for all the pictures my female human sends to him while he’s running around the country (besides, if I look cute I’m almost guaranteed he’ll bring all the dogs a treat or toy from some pet store when he returns). I’ve got that male human wrapped around my paws. For example, he noticed I like to snuggle in small places, so he made me a little dog house they call the “Sandy Castle” where I like to go when I want to rest.

It’s not just about him … I’ve got that female one where I want her too. We like to take naps and cuddle together (but as you can see sometimes I just have to go it alone and or with one of the other dogs, and that’s not a problem for me).
But it’s not all work with the family–they know how to have fun too. For example, I routinely take my two humans and siblings on walks (my guy human says that if your dog is overweight it probably means you’re not getting enough exercise). At least every week they throw a cool jacket on me and load me into the floating car to go for a ride. I’m not bragging, but not every dog looks this cool in a life jacket. When we’re in the floating car I make sure that I bark at all the other dogs we pass so they know how cool I am. I also make my sibling dogs play with me–hey may be older but after some coaxing they become pretty decent playmates. I’m not bragging but also have a lot of toys. My favorite thing to do is to pull all of them out of their basket and spread them all over the place just to watch my human’s pick them up–I think it gives them a sense of purpose and I think it’s important that humans have that.

Please be sure to say hello to all the other pets out there and offer them encouragement as they wait for assignments to their forever homes. There are lots of families out there that need pets like us to whip them into shape, and it’s great that you help care for us until we get our call to serve in our forever home.

Well, that’s all I have for now … gotta go take care of some ducks in the back yard. Please put the enclosed donation to use for my peeps waiting for forever homes.

Sincerely with love and gratitude,

Sandy (formerly Lucky Lou) Dolezal

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