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Dear Volunteers,

It is an absolute fact that volunteers are a vital part of the Galveston Island Humane Society organization and we continue to work to develop a program that will utilize your time and skills.

With the reorganization that followed Hurricane Ike and our move to a temporary building, we have been developing a team of great volunteers for our organization. Since our new shelter facility is in the works, to be opened in late 2010 or early 2011, our volunteer team will be even more important as our organization grows.

Our coordinator, Sandy McReynolds, will be happy to have you join the GIHS in any facet of the program that suits your interests. Orientations are conducted twice each month; on a Saturday morning, and a Wednesday evening. The orientation is designed to introduce interested parties to the many ways they may participate and become part of our mission to help the homeless animals of the Island. *Orientation is a requirement for volutneers.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our volunteer team, please complete and submit the on-line Volunteer Application, print and mail a copy, or drop by our facility to complete the form. Sandy will contact concerning dates of the next orientation.

We look forward to having you as a part of our team.

Caroline Dorsett-Pate
Executive Director

Download A Volunteer Form
You may return the completed form to us by dropping it off at the Humane Society
(see address to the right of this page) or via fax at (409) 740-4616 .
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For your convenience you may also choose to submit your volunteer form right here online using the form below.

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Volunteering at the ASAC is not always only animal related; it can also involve contact with the general public. How do you feel about interacting with all types of people?
Sadly, there are instances when some animals are termed "unadoptable" and have to be euthanized. How do you feel about this?
What are your thoughts on spaying and neutering?
If you have companion animals of your own, please tell us about them.
Do you have any special interests, skills, and hobbies?
Do you have any physical, medical, or psychological limitations, disabilities or allergies?
In case of emergency, who should we contact?
Which volunteer positions are interested in?
Pet Therapy Program in nursing homes
Bathing Puppies
Dipping & exercising dogs
Educational Program in schools or adult groups
Fund raising activities
Adoption Site
Public relations activities
Annual membership drive
Obedience training
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